Friday, June 29, 2012

Come see the TWE and get free stuff, 'cause we're chill like that

For some of you, seeing the TWE rock is enough. But some of you drive a hard bargain. For you, a special offer: Buy your ticket in advance, and you'll get a free CD (our new one, natch) and a free poster if you're among the first 10 to take us up on this we-done-lost-our-minds deal. You can buy your ticket here. And you can let us know you're coming here.

Friday, June 15, 2012


This will be a space where important and not-so-important events in TWE will be announced.

Currently, our new EP, Business on the Lanai (a refresher course), is available at iTunes, on, and all over the damn Internet. You can see some of the more prominent options for buying the disc here.

We've also got a couple of events planned: our Record Release gig at Sullivan Hall, in New York's West Village, and a lower-key party in Mansfield, Mass., featuring a semi-plugged set from Phil and Troy. Details here.

In the future, we'll use this space to announce record launches (like our upcoming re-release of 2001's Tantric Scrimshaw, all cleaned up for posterity), new videos, the opening of the TWE online store, and any TWE appearances in interesting places, like Time magazine.

Here's hoping to see you at a show or the Grammys.

-- the Experience